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The city of Istanbul has laid its claim as the crossroads for cultural‚ religious‚ artistic and commercial activities. Istanbul‚ considered one of the world’s busiest and most populated metropolitan cities‚ offers visitors and locals with a packed schedule of events and cultural affairs. For different needs you might have to stretch from one side of the city to the other. In one of the city’s most central location‚ you will find solace at Dedeman Istanbul‚ located in Gayrettepe

With its ideal location‚ Dedeman Istanbul is 20 km from the Atatürk Airport‚ 15 km from the bus station‚ 500 meters from metro and metrobus stops and walking distance to major cultural and shopping centers like Metrocity‚ Kanyon‚ Astoria‚ Profilo and Cevahir AVM.

Istanbul historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople is the largest city in Turkey. The city covers 39 districts of the Istanbul province. It is located on the Bosphorus Strait and encompasses the natural harbour known as the Golden Horn. It extends both on the European and on the Asian sides of the Bosphorus‚ and is thereby the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents. In its long history‚ the city has served as the capital city of the Roman Empire (330–395)‚ the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire (395–1204 and 1261–1453), the Latin Empire (1204–1261), and the Ottoman Empire (1453–1922). The city was chosen as joint European Capital of Culture for 2010. Historic areas of Istanbul were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.


Dedeman Hotel *****

Gayrettepe Mh.
Yìldiz Posta Caddesi 50, Istanbul,
http://www.dedeman.comDedeman Istanbul Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey, March 26-28, 2011


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