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Aviv Goldbart

Aviv Goldbart

Aviv Goldbart serves as the Head of the Dept. of Pediatrics B at the Soroka University Medical Center, and as a Full Professor of Pediatrics in the faculty of health sciences at the Ben Gurion University, in Beer-Sheva, Isreal.

Prof. Goldbart is an international expert in the field of Sleep Disordered Breathing.

His medical school degree is from the Goldman school of Medicine at the Ben Gurion University (Israel). He performed his sub specialty training in Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine under the guidance of Prof. David Gozal in Louisville, KY,USA.

He also performed a sleep medicine mini fellowship in Stanford University (Ca. USA) with Prof. Immanuel Mignot.

Prof. Goldbart is an active pediatrician, pediatric pulmonologist and a sleep specialist.

He established a basic research lab where he is focusing on the underlying mechanisms of cardiovascular morbidity in obstructive sleep apnea, mainly inflammation. Recently he is more focused on the effects of Intermittent hypoxia on embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes.

He is involved in many pharmaceutical companies driven research, mainly in innovative therapies for lower respiratory tract infections, new technological diagnostics in sleep medicine and more.

His research is performed at the bench level, at the Dept. of Pediatrics and at the sleep center. In his research he collaborates with local, national and international researchers.

At the national level, he is the past chairman of the Israeli Pediatric Society (2015-19) and serves as the committee member of the Israeli Pediatric Pulmonary Society and a member of several committees in the Israeli Medical Association.

At the international level, he is an invited /key note speaker in many conferences. He is a member of the ATS, ERS and AASM and serves as   a reviewer in all the leading journals in the fields of Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine. He reviews grants of Israeli, European and American funding agencies.

Selected literature:

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Aviv Goldbart