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June 27-30, 2019 in Chiba, Japan

Faculty members

Kenshin Nawa

Kenshin Nawa is Founder of CCHS family network, Japan
President of CCHS Japan Association “Building Future for CCHS Children Living with Ventilators”
2008 Founded CCHS family network, Japan with five families.
Produced several workshops for CCHS children and their families with grants from major corporations.
Created website and online communication system for CCHS families.
2013 Published “a study of CCHS children and advanced home medical ”
2013-2018 Produced five national CCHS conferences with doctors with attendance of 130 to 200 participants each year.
2016 Founded CCHS Japan Association “Building Future for CCHS Children Living with Ventilators”
Made a presentation at Prime Minister’s office on “CCHS children and their advanced home medical”
Produced a short animation “CCHS awareness” in the U.S., and provided the format to other countries.
2018 Participated International CCHS conference in the U.S. with Drs. Hasegawa and Yamada.
Made a presentation for Medical School of Chiba University on “CCHS children and advanced home medical” - CCHS family network, families.
He is a father of three daughters living in Tokyo.
When his first daughter was born with CCHS, he searched for information outside of Japan because almost no information was available. He got to know Prof, Bruce Rubin and Prof, Andrew Bush through his best friend, Paul Bush, who is a remarkable film artist.
He is a film director/writer in advertising, television, and motion picture industries filming around the world.

Kenshin Nawa


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HANOÏ, VIETNAM - March 27-29, 2020

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