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CIPP XIV President's Address

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

It has become a great tradition for some years that pediatric pulmonologists from all over the world meet in the end of June in some exciting place in the world to discuss burning topics of pediatric respiratory medicine, present original research and also, of course, get together.

The International Congress on Pediatric Pulmonology – CIPP – has now reached its fourteenth birthday and, for most of us, became an acknowledged teenager whose invitation is always great pleasure to accept.  Its format is unique in the world as it is the only congress worldwide exclusively dedicated to pediatric pulmonology. Also, it is the unique opportunity for young investigators not only to present their original research but also to hear and informally meet the very high level faculty.

In 2015, the CIPP comes once again to Central Europe. The host city, Krakow in Poland, is one of the famous ancient European cities whose history dates back to 10th century. It is one of the Central European jewels that certainly deserves to be visited and that will with no doubt be one of the congress locations that we will remember. 

Another reason for the decision of the CIPP Board to accept the invitation by the Polish colleagues was the long tradition of pediatric pulmonology in Poland dating back many decades. Polish colleagues were the leaders in pediatric pulmonology in the whole “socialistic Europe” and, despite all the problems and lack of equipment and drugs, always provided excellent care and were even active in research. They continue in this tradition and keep themselves very active in international scientific societies and visible in peer reviewed journals. I am sure that they will be excellent hosts and that many Polish colleagues will use this unique opportunity to attend this special congress.

This time the program chair Alexander Tuazon from the Philippines together with Adnan Custovic from the UK and with the help of the whole CIPP Board prepared another excellent program covering all the important aspects of our specialty. Traditionally, a significant focus will be on childhood asthma; however, all other topics will be covered in detail as well. Pneumonia, TB, sleep related breathing disorders, neonatal respiratory disease, rare diseases and many other topics will have their dedicated symposia. Again, plenary sessions with one distinguished speaker and three oral presentations delivered by young investigator contest finalists will be a major part of the program. Imaging and bronchology also will have special sessions, including traditional bronchoscopy quiz. All attendants will thus have the opportunity to find topics of their interest and learn what is new.

In the name of the whole CIPP XIV organizing committee I want to invite you to join us in Krakow and through your active participance, either as active presenters in the scientific program or just as active participants in the discussions, make the CIPP again a great success. Let us use this opportunity again for obtaining new information in our specialty, supporting young investigators in their contest, participating actively in the exchange of experience and, last but not least, just meet and see friends again.

Thanks to the local organizing committee headed by a long term supporter of the CIPP –Prof. Grzegorz Lis – for the invitation and great support.

See you all in Krakow in the end of June 2015

Petr Pohunek
President, CIPP XIV