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Krakow Convention Bureau

Sightseeing tours

Wieliczka Salt Mine  - morning tour (Saturday 27th June) 

Three faces of Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour (Sunday - 28th June) 

Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour

(up to approx. 5,5 hours) 28th June

Route: Krakow – Auschwitz – Birkenau – Krakow

The KL Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum was established by the Polish Government in 1947 on the site on the largest Nazi concentration camp, which was set up in 1940 for prisoners from Poland. From 1942 it became one of the biggest extermination camps for the European Jews. In recognition of its historical significance as a memorial to all who suffered and died there, the Museum was entered on to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The tour includes visiting Auschwitz I, which was the original camp, serving as the administrative center for the whole complex and Auschwitz II – Birkenau, which was designed strictly as a concentration camp.

Price: 130, 00 PLN (about 36,00 USD)

Includes: standard visit to KL Auschwitz and Birkenau Camps, assistance of an english speaking tour leader, documentary movie about history of Auschwitz-Birkenau Camps, services of the Museum local guide, rental cost of headphones, transportation by coach.

Pick-up Point: depending on accommodation

Departure time: 1.15 - 2.05 pm. (depending on pick-up point)

Three Faces of Krakow

(up to approx. 3,5 hours) 28th June

Route: Nowa Huta – Kazimierz – Old Town

Taking this tour will let you discover historical differences and specific types of architecture in Krakow. During the tour, you will visit Nowa Huta – the best example of a socialist realist city. You will have the opportunity to see the Central Square; then Mogila's former village with the Cistercian Monastery as an example of sacral architecture preserved very close to grey residential blocks; the entrance gate to Metal Steelworks, formerly named after Lenin; the Rose Avenue; Folk Theatre and the 'Arka' Church in Bienczyce. Afterwards, you will go to the former Jewish District – Kazimierz with its unique atmosphere to have a cup of coffee in one of the Jewish cafés. The next stop is the Old Town of Krakow with the Cloth Hall - Sukiennice on the Main Market Square and St. Mary's Basilica.

Price: 130.00 PLN (about 37,00 USD)

Includes: English speaking guide, admission fee to one of the synagogues and St. Mary's Basilica, a cup of coffee in one of the restaurants, transportation by minibus

Pick-up Point: depending on accommodation

Departure time: 8.30 - 9.10 am (depending on pick-up point)

Wieliczka Salt Mine

(up to approx. 3,5 hours) 27th, 28th June

Route: Krakow – Wieliczka Salt Mine – Krakow

Salt Mine in Wieliczka is one of the oldest salt mines in Europe. It has been operating for at least 700 years. The mine has a labyrinth of tunnels, pits, and chambers, all hewn out by hand from solid salt, beautifully adorned chapels, underground lakes, all located on the three upper levels of the irmo from 64 to 135 meters below the ground. Visitors may take a walk of 3 km through 3 levels in the Salt Mine down to 136 meters below ground level through chambers and passageways excavated in the 17th century.
On the way visitors see underground chambers and chapels hewn out in the salt rock, statues of saints sculpted in salt, and saline lakes.

Price: 135,00 PLN (about 38,00 USD)

Includes: English speaking guide, services of the Mine guide, entrance ticket, short break for shopping inside the mine, making photos or using video camera – extra paid, transportation by coach, lift up.

Guests walk down to the salt mine that’s why the tour is not recommended to the people having problems with walking.

Note: temperature inside +15'C all year round

Pick-up Point: depending on accommodation

Departure time: 8.30 - 9.10 am (depending on pick-up point)