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Krakow Convention Bureau

Local Committee President's Address

Grzegorz LisDear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the 14th International Congress on Pediatric Pulmonology (CIPP XIV) in Kraków.

This city is the oldest Polish academic centre, with the 1364 founded Jagiellonian University the second one in Central Europe. In this old capital of Poland, you will find the castle of our kings - Wawel, an old downtown with more than a hundred churches, and medieval defense walls. The beauty and the historic and cultural values of Kraków led to its naming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

I believe that this academic and historic background is optimally suited to host the scientific program of CIPP, covering global issues in child lung health. Lectures will be given by world-renowned experts, and interactive sessions will allow sharing of our clinical knowledge and experience in pediatric pulmonology between participants from around the globe.

I wish you a scientifically fulfilling enjoyable stay in Kraków in June 2015. 

Best regards

Grzegorz Lis
President, CIPP XIV Local Committee

Also on behalf of the other members:

Anna Bręborowicz - Poznan
Zbigniew Doniec - Lodz
Marek Kulus - Warsaw