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CIPP8 : Nice, March 29-31, 2008
CIPP10 : Versailles, June 25-27, 2011



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Prof. Andrew Bush, MD, FRCP, FRCPCH

 Welcome to Nice, and to CIPP VIII.

We are returning to celebrate our roots, and I
anticipate a really exciting and interactive
meeting. I am hoping that everyone is
coming to learn and coming to teach. This is
a unique gathering of paediatricians with
interest and expertise in respiratory disease
from all over the world. Wherever you come
from, you will have knowledge to share with
others - what is new, what is working well,
what traps to avoid from your part of the
world and your situation. You will have the
chance to evaluate critically other peoples'
knowledge in the same areas - is it
something that would work for you, is it
relevant to where you are?

Alternatively, maybe you have tried it already, and others need to know it has not worked. The
character of CIPP derives solely from this sort of fruitful interaction - it is definitely not the place
to come just to sit and nap in didactic lectures, expecting the ‘right' answers.

This meeting would not be taking place without the support of a huge number of people.
Professor Eitan Kerem and the program committee have put together four excellent parallel tracks
from which to choose. These include debates, and also interactive case discussions and meet the
expert sessions, as well as lectures from a gifted International faculty. The high spot of the
meeting for me is always the Young Investigator sessions; Dr Andrew Colin and the Abstract and
Award Committee have selected 16 presentations by outstanding young investigators, which will
be combined into sessions with an Invited Lecture. Please come especially to see this exciting
new work, grill the investigators, and meet the stars of the future. Prizes are awarded in part on
how they deal with questions, so come and be part of those sessions. Look also at the posters, and
meet the presenters and discuss their work. Every single person showing work will have laboured
long and hard to get it right - come and interact, share ideas, and encourage future work. There
are poster prizes as well. A special mention must go to our retiring past-president, Bruce Rubin. If
there is one person who can be said to have moved the International profile of CIPP forward, it is
Bruce, and his has been a large pair of shoes to try to fill. I must also thank our sponsors from the
Pharmaceutical industry, without whose input we could not hold the meeting. Please go by their
booths and find out what they have that is new, and also show appreciation for the support.
Finally, we are all so grateful to Annie Bidart and all the Mediaxa staff for their hard and efficient
work, and detailed attention to logistic details. Without them, the meeting is stillborn.

Last but not least, the social program. We look forward to welcoming you to the opening
ceremony, and also would encourage you to acquire a ticket for the conference dinner. Here we
can show our appreciation to our international faculty, and the international board whose support
is so pivotal. We also will be honouring distinguished paediatricians as presidential and past-
President's awardees - and without revealing any names, I can promise these awards will reflect
the truly international flavour of our meeting.

Welcome and Enjoy!