The Art and Science of Bronchoscopy
1. How, Where and When To Perform a Bronchial Biopsy? Clinical Applications.
Petr Pohunek (Prague Czech Republic)

2. Histological Analyses and Culture of Airway Smooth Muscles.
Michael Fayon (Bordeaux, France)

3. Role of Bronchoscopy in the ICU.
Anastassios Koumbourlis (Washington DC, USA)

Respiratory Physiology and Immunology
1. Upper Airway Physiology in Health and Disease.
Jean-Paul Praud (Sherbrooke, Canada)

2. Breathing Strategies in Infancy:Physiology, Developmental Features and What Goes Wrong with Disease.
Andrew Colin (Miami, USA)

3. Use and Misuse of Bronchial Hyperreactivity Measurements in Children
Nicole Beydon (Paris, France)


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