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CIPP8 : Nice, March 29-31, 2008
CIPP9 : Vienne June 19-21, 2010



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Program / day

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Saturday, June 19

08:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Room A

Chairmen: AndrewColin (Miami, USA))
               Gary Wong (Hong-Kong, China)

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Invited Speaker

    Carole Marcus (Philadelphia, USA)
    Pathology of SDB in Children

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Young Investigator Presentations
    9:00 AM - 9:15 AM
    Structural Changes in the Bronchial Wall in Young Children with High Risk Developing Asthma.
    Katarina Urbanova (Prague, Czech Republic)

    9:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    An Association between Overweight and Asthma in Children after Early-life Wheezing at Late School Age.
    Virpi Sidoroff (Kuopio, Finland)
9:30 AM - 9:45 AM
    Association between Candidate Genes and Spirometric Variables in China.
    Hing Yee Sy (Hong-Kong, China)

    9:45 AM - 10:00 AM
    The Reciprocal Influences of Asthma and Obesity on Lung Function, AHR and Bronchial Inflammation in Prepubertal Children.
    Nicola Pietro Consilvio (Chieti, Italy)



10:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Great Air Hall
10:20 AM - 11:50 AM
Room A
Asthma - Basic Science

 Chairmen: Paul-Henri Torbey (Beirut, Lebanon)
                 Carlos Baena-Cagnani (Cordoba, Argentina)

1. Hygiene Revisited: Th1/Th2 Determination and Class Switch.
    Dale Umetsu (Boston, USA)

2. Evolution and Structure of Human Rhinoviruses as Determined from Full Genome Sequences.
    Stephen Liggett (Baltimore, USA)

3. Smooth Muscle as an Inflammatory Organ.
    Reynold Panettieri (Philadelphia, USA)

10:20 AM - 11:50 AM
Room B
Acute and Chronic Bronchiolitis in Childhood

This session is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from ABBOTT

 Chairpersons: Maha Al Dabbagh (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
                      Teresa Bandeira (Lisbon, Portugal)

1. Current Therapy for Viral Bronchiolitis: What Is New - Does Hypertonic Saline "Hold Water"?
     Avigdor Mandelberg (Holon, Israel)

2. Prevention and Treatment of RSV - New Drugs in the Pipeline.
    Octavio Ramilo (Columbus, USA)

3. Post-infectious Bronchiolitis Obliterans.
    Alejandro Teper (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

10:20 AM - 11:50 AM
Room C
Lung Development and Related Respiratory Pathologies

Chairman: Michael Fayon (Bordeaux, France)
                John Mc Bride (Akron, USA)

1. Advances in Lung Development.
    Alison Hislop (London, UK)

2. Controversies in the Management of Cystic Lung Disease.
    Andrew Bush (London, UK)

3. Chest-wall Anomalies and their Treatment.
    Gregory Redding (Seattle, USA)

11:50 AM - 02:10 PM
Room A

12:00 PM -
12:15 - Welcoming Addresses

        Eitan Kerem, President CIPP IX
        Thomas Frischer, President Local Committee

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM - Keynote Speakers

        Fernando Martinez (Tucson, USA)
        Basic Mechanisms in Asthma.

       Maximilian Zach (Graz, Austria)
        Pediatric Respiratory Medicine in Europe - Past, Present and Future.

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM - Welcoming Cocktail

02:10 PM - 03:40 PM
Room A

Chairmen: Andrew Bush (London, UK)
                Gary Wong (Hong-Kong, China)

2:00 PM -2:30 PM  Invited Speaker

    Peter Le Souef (Perth Australia)
    Asthma Phenotypes.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Young Investigator Presentations

    2:30 PM - 2:45 PM
    Incidence of Bacterial Bronchitis in Children with Chronic Wet Cough: The Analysis of 203 Bronchoscopies.
    Daniela Zgherea (Brooklyn, USA)

    2:45 PM - 3:00 PM
    Mutations in DNAH5 and DNAI1 Hot-spot Exons in Czech Pediatric Patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia.
    Jana Djakow (Prague, Czech Republic)

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM
    Effect of a Reflux Laryngitis on Laryngeal Chemoreflexes in a Neonatal Ovine Model.
    Anne-Marie Carreau (Sherbrooke QC, Canada)

    3:15 PM - 3:30 PM
    Accuracy of Chest High-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Non-Cystic Fibrosis Chronic Lung Disease.
    Silvia Montella (Naples, Italy)  


03:40 PM - 04:00 PM
Great Air Hall
04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Room A
Pharmacotherapy in the Wheezy Infants and Toddlers

Chairpersons: Dubhfeasa Slattery (Dublin, Ireland)
Ibrahim Janahi (Doha, Qatar)

1. Pro/Con Debate (I)
    Steroid Should Be Used in Treating the Wheezy Infant.
    Con: Jonathan Grigg (London, UK)
    Pro: Miles Weinberger (Iowa City, USA)

2. Non-steroidal Therapeutic Options for Treating Wheezy Infants and Toddlers.
    Giovanni Piedimonte (Morgantown, USA)

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Room B
Childhood Pneumonia

 Chairmen: Hector Aranibar (Santiago, Chile)
                 Frank Lu (Taipei, Taiwan)

1. Community Acquired Pneumonia "State of the Art - Developing World".
    Heather Zar (Cape Town, South Africa)

2. Complicated Pneumonia in the Developed World.
    Eitan Kerem (Jerusalem, Israel)

3. The Interactions between S. aureus and Pneumococcus - How the
    Pneumococcal Vaccine May Have Affected this Relationship.
    Richard Malley (Boston, USA)

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Room C
Aerosol Science

This session is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from TEVA

 Chairman: Mark Everard (Sheffield, UK)
                 Evangelia Mantzouranis (Keraklion, Greece)

1. New Nebulizer and Inhaler Technology.
    Israel Amirav (Haifa, Israel)

2. Aerosol Therapy for Pediatric Indications in Hospital: What Is the Evidence?
    Hettie Janssens (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

3. Aerosol Deposition and Effectiveness: It's More than Particules Size.
    Bruce Rubin (Richmond, USA)

05:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Great Air Hall
Poster Display

5. Fetal and neonatal respiratory disorders

48E/ 194 - Abnormal lung features on prenatal ultrasound and postnatal outcome.
Anneleen Dereymaeker (Leuven, Belgium)

49E / 164 - Congenital Diaphragmatic - Our Experience July97-July 2007.
Anupama Mallappa (Belfast, UK)

50E / 213 - Elective surgery for CCAM at one year is safe and withoutrespiratory sequelae.
Thomas Kongstad (Copenhagen, Denmark)

51E / 81 - Normal values of 24 hours pulse oximetry in neonates.
Daniel Ng (Kowloon, HK China)

52E / 62  - Pulmonary outcome atschool age for children born with a gestational age less than 32 weeks.
H. Feghali (Bordeaux, France)

6. Cystic Fibrosis 

53F/ 54 - A Review of the Bronchoscopy Findings in Paediatric Cystic FibrosisPatients over a Two Year Period.
Francis Gilchrist (Stoke on Trent, UK)

54F/ 133  - Association of exhaledbreath condensate pH with markers of neutrophilic inflammation inbronchoalveolar lavage in young children with cystic fibrosis.
Fritz Horak (Vienna, Austria)

55F/ 145 - CF in Omani Population: clinical and Mutation profile.
Ahmed AlShehi (Ruwi, Oman)  

56F/ 253 - Clinical  and GeneticAnalysis in Algerian Cystic Fibrosis patients.
Rachida Boukari (Algiers, Algeria)

57F/ 235 - Determination of sweat chloride levels among apparently healthychildren.
B Sharma (Jaipur, India)

58F/ 43 - Improvement in ion transport biomarkers and spirometry with theinvestigational CFTR potentiator VX-770 in subjects with cystic fibrosis andthe G551D-CFTR mutation.
Steven Rowe (Birmingham, USA)

59F/ 55 - Interrelationships between lung clearance index and parameters of lungfunction and gas exchange in patients with cystic fibrosis.
Jörg Große-Onnebrink (Essen, Germany)

60F/ 85 - Microbiology of the respiratory tract at cystic fibrosis patientsdiagnosed by neonatal screening, differences with healthy patients.
Laura Valdesoiro-Navarrete (Sabadell, Spain)

61F / 61 - The status of cystic fibrosis patients on 2009 in Albania.
Evda Vevecka (Tirana, Albania)

7. Respiratory Manifestations of Extra-Pulmonary Diseases (including AIDS)

62G/ 172 - Interstitial Lung Disease and Gastro Esophageal Reflux.
Daniele Rapino (Chieti, Italy)

63G / 123 - Lung capillary blood volume and membrane diffusing capacity inchildren with inflammatory bowel disease.
Marie-Luce Choukroun (Bordeaux, France)

64G / 147 - Peculiarities in a case with recurrent pneumonia.
Sorin Iurian (Sibiu, Romania)

65G / 79 - ROHHADSyndrome : an underdiagnosed condition ?
François Abel (London, UK)

66G / 137 - Unilateral  idiopathicchylothorax in malformed newborn: a case report.
Rossana Bagna (Torino, Italy)

8. Neuromuscular and Chest-wall Diseases (Including SIDS)

H67/ 74 - A One Stop Shop: Audit of Respiratory Outpatient Service for patientswith Neuromuscular Disease (NMD).
Siobhan Connor (Dublin, Ireland)

H68 / 36 - Chronic Respiratory Failure and Work of Breathing in Children withProgressive Neuromuscular Disorders.
Uwe Mellies (Essen, Germany)

9. Epidemiology, Environmental Risks, Prevention, Socio-economic Cost, Public Health Resources

69J/ 207 - A case series of paediatric rachitic lung disease in the UnitedKindgom.
Lena Thia (London, USA)

70J/ 138 - Breathe Easier Online (BEO): Improving the Psychosocial Well-being ofChildren with Chronic Respiratory Illnesses.
Helen Petsky (Herston, Australia)

71J / 44 - Hospitalisation for lower respiratory illnesses in the first year oflife for Indigenous children in the Northern Territory, Australia.
Kerry-Ann O'Grady (Casuarina, Australia)

72J / 146 - Nasopharyngeal carriage of Non-typable Haemophilus influenzae inchildren with Non-severe pneumonia.
Cissy Kartasasmita (Bandung, Indonesia)

73J/ 187 - Paracetamol in pregnancy is not an independent risk factor for asthmaat preschool age.
Gôran Wennergren (Gothenburg, Sweden)

74J / 93 - "Belgian french speaking pharmacists knowledge on childhood asthma".
Emmanuelle Gueulette (Namur, Belgium)

10. Investigatio and Diagnostic Tests

75K/ 99 - Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid in wheezing children.
Yuki Okamatsu (Kurume, Japan)

76K/ 87  - Early-life Determinants forLung Functions in Chinese Preschool Children.
TC Liu (Hong Kong, China)

77K / 156  -  Effect of Systemic Corticosteroid onPulmonary Function Test of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome.
Woranart Ratanakorn (Chonburi, Thailand)

78K / 152 - Methacholine bronchial challenge in infants and pre school childrenwith auscultatory method (PCWheeze).
Wilson Rocha (Belo-Horizonte, Brazil)

79K/ 206 - New skin test DIASKINTEST® (recombinant protein CFP10-ESAT6) for TBinfection diagnosis in children.
Ludmila Slogotskaya (Moscow, Russia)

80K / 33 - Reference values of airway resistance by the interruption techniquein Mexican preschool healthy children.
Laura Gochicoa (Texcoco, Mexico)

81K / 196 - Risk factors of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in obese earlyadolescents: a prediction model using scoring system.
Bambang Supriyatno (Jakarta, Indonesia)

82K / 166 - Surveillance for viral pathogens causing acute respiratoryinfections in remote Indigenous communities in Australia: a comparison ofsample transport methods.
Kerry-Ann O'Grady (Casuarina, Australia)

83K / 124 - The diagnostic value and safety of transbronchial needle aspirationbiopsy in children with mediastinal lymphadenopathy
Pierre Goussard (Cape Town, South Africa)

84K / 106 - The role off chest ultrasound in the diagnosis of pneumonia inchildren.
Egisto Scalini (Monopoli, Italy)

85K / 218 -Tracheobronchial aspirate in the evaluation of pulmonary infectionof non-intubated neutropenic children.
Ayse Aslan (Ankara, Turkey)

11. Therapeutic Procedures

86L / 205 - A simple positive airway pressure devicefor hospitalized children with OSA.
TeeradejKuptanon (Bangkok. Thailand)

87L / 162 - Physicochemical aspects of nebulisation:An in vitro comparison of three aerosal devices types.
Anne-LaureSidler-Moix (Lausanne, Switzerland)

88L / 170 - Successful use of intravenous cyclophosphamide pulse therapy forrefractory interstitial lung disease in a 3 month baby. A case report.
SatoshiTakehiro (Fukuoka, Japan)

89L /143 - The effect of biphasic extrathoracic cuirass ventilation for acuterespiratory failure in children.
YutakaUeda (Kumagaya, Japan)

90L / 131 - Tracheal Stenosis in Children - Vive la difference !
TheodorZimmermann (Erlangen, Germany)

91L / 113 - Vascular compression of the left main bronchus in the absence ofcardiac disease.PierreGoussard (Cape Town, South Africa)

12. Cellular and Molecular Biology

92M / 226 - Ozone-Induced NF-kB Activation and IL-8Gene Expression are Differentially Regulated by F2-isoprostane andA2-isoprostane in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells.
JudithVoynow (Durham, USA)

13. Pediatric Pulmonology in Developing Countries

93N / 229 - Acute Respiratory Infection in Children after Earthquake on September30th, 2009 and Its Related Factors in Malalak and Maninjau Villagesat Agam District West Sumatera.
FinnyFitry Yani (Padang, Indonesia)

94N / 157 - Adherence Rate to Beclomethasone andAsthma Control Level.
PauloCamargos (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

95N / 227 - Asthma refractory to treatment: a missed diagnosis of foreign bodyaspiration.
JihèneBouguila (Sousse, Tunisia)

96N / 231 - Cardiac Tamponade in TuberculousPericarditis: A Case Report.
NastitiKaswandani (Jakarta, Indonesia)

N97 / 217 - Clinical features of respiratory diseasesin children with HIV.
NastitiKaswandani (Jakarta, Indonesia)

N98 / 236 - Comparison of PCR and Tuberculin Skin Testfor Diagnosis TB in Children.
D Setyanto(Jakarta, Indonesia)

N99 / 186 - Correlation between nasal peak inspiratoryflow (NIPF) and peak expiratory flow( PFE )*.
CinthiaLeandro (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

N100 / 176 - Paediatric thoracic surgery in a low income country: indications,surgical course, complications and short-term outcome comparing HIV-infected toHIV-uninfected children.
DelanoRhode (Cape Town, South Africa)

N101 / 220 - Risk Factors and Underlying Diseases for Fatal Severe Pneumonia.
SriSudarwati (Bandung, Indonesia)

N102 / 126 - The Impact of Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS)Strategy of Pediatric Tuberculosis Treatment on Altering Body Weight in HasanSadikin Hospital, Indonesia.
HedaNataprawira (Bandung, Indonesia)

N103 / 200 - Tuberculosis of Mandible in Children: A Case Report.
W. Indawati(Jakarta, Indonesia)

14. Miscellaneous

P104 / 78 - Atopy in preschool children vaccinatedwith BCG as newborns or at 3 months of age.
ElenaSuciliene (Vilnius, Lithuania)

P105 / 190 - Congenital Lung Malformaion: 18 years ofreview.
MiguelGarcía González (Sabadell, Spain)

P106 / 228 - Intrapulmonary shunt: about two pediatriccases.
MarikaRenoux (Montpellier, France)



07:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Courtyard Marriott Hotel