June 2-6, 1996

Acropolis Convention Center, Nice, France.

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Dear Friends and dear Colleagues,

The First International Congress on Pediatric Pulmonology (CIPP) held at Nice in 1994 has established the specific character and the excellence of a discipline flourishing development. The second edition of the CIPP will be held in Nice next June 2nd to 6th following the desires of the majority of organizers with the object of consolidating this concept.

In compliance with a schedule which has now proven its worth, by combining lectures, workshops, symposia, meetings and exchange between specialists and general practitioners, etc. - work will proceed along 5 main directions: Asthma, Immuno-Allergology, Cystic Fibrosis, Infections of the Lower Respiratory Tract, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, with one transversal pabulum under development: Environment.

Prestigious lecturers from all over the world have already favoured our invitation to sum and aggregate the understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms, new treatments as well as on the up to date in research.

This work concerns all the specialists in these domains: pulmonologists, pediatricians and allergologists - whether hospital doctors or private practitioners. Further, they will all have the opportunity to discuss with their foreign colleagues during the «Confluences», meetings which are a CIPP innovation in the concert of International Congresses intended to promote North-South and West-East dialogues on Pediatric Pulmonology and to create organic bonds between developed and developing countries.

The Organization Committee of the CIPP II wishes to offer a programme with quality as a predominant factor. Its success will be due, to a significant extent, to you contribution to the debates organized.

I look forward to welcoming you personally to our forthcoming meeting and wish you a profitable and pleasant stay in our charming setting of the Riviera Côte d'Azur.

Professeur Alain Grimfeld
President of Congress


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Alain Grimfeld (Paris, France)

Association Poumon & Enfance
Policlinique de Pneumologie Pédiatrique · Hôpital d'Enfants Armand-Trousseau
26, avenue du Docteur Arnold-Netter 75571 Paris Cedex 12 · Téléphone (33-1) 44 73 63 17 · Fax (33-1) 44 73 66 35

A. Grimfeld (Paris, France) · M. Reinhardt (Lausanne, Sweden) · J-P Praud (Sherbrooke, Canada) · G. Cropp (San Francisco, USA) · J. Costa-Trindade (Lisbonne, Portugal)· Y. Ogawa (Saitama, Japan)· S. Traversaro (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

: M. Khiati · Argentina : S. Traversaro · Australia : L. I. Landau, P. Holt
Austria : M. Götz, R. Schmitzberger · Belgium : N. Nolard, A. Kahn · Brazil : C. Naspitz
Canada : J-P. Praud, R. Brouillette · Chile : J. Mallol · Columbia : C. Jimenez · Czech Republic : V. Spicak
Denmark : H. Bisgaard · Egypt : H. Bahaa El Din · Finland : M. Korppi · France : G. Bellon, C. Gaultier
Germany : I. Seidenberg, T. Zimmermann · Greece : C. Sinianotis · Hong-Kong : Chap-Yung Yeung
Indonesia : N. Rahajoe · Israel : A. Tal · Italy : L. Businco, A. Boner, G. Mastella · Ivory Coast : F. Amon-Tanoh
Japan : Y. Ogawa, Y. Yoshida · Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia : K. Lubkiewicz · Kuwait : Z. Hijazi
Lebanon : P-H. Torbey · Morocco : A. Abid, A. El Hassani · New-Zealand : R. Beasley, E. Mitchell
Northern Ireland : H. Halliday · Norway : O. D. Saugstad · Philippines : M. Salvani Bautista
Poland : K. Rowecka Trzebicka · Portugal : J. Costa-Trindade, J. César Ramos, J. Lopes dos Santos
Republic of Georgia : N. Mandzhavidze · Republic of South Africa : M. Klein
Republic of Uzbekistan : O. Makhmudov · Russia : L. Jélénina, I. Balabolkin · Spain : M. Pajaron de Ahumada
Sweden : G. Wennergren, P. Venge · Switzerland : M. Reinhardt, R. Kraemer · Turkey : A. Göçmen
United Kingdom : P. Barnes, A. Milner · United States of America : G. Cropp, J. Bellanti, J. Brody, E. Nemr · Uruguay : M. Saragacha

M. Albertini (Nice) · Y. Aujard (Paris) · P. Balquet (Paris) · P. Bégué (Paris) · J-P. Bonnefont (Paris) · A. Clément (Paris)
C. Courpotin (Paris) · J. Costil (Paris) · B. David (Paris) · J. de Blic (Paris) · M. Dehan (Paris) · P. Duroux (Paris)
D. Dusser (Paris) · G. Dutau (Toulouse) · F. Faurisson (Paris) · B. Fauroux (Paris) · J-C. Gabilan (Paris)
E. N. Garabédian (Paris) · J. Garcia (Nice) · C. Gaultier (Paris) · J-F. Germain (Paris) · J-P. Girardet (Paris) · J. Just (Paris)
A. Labbé (Clermont-Ferrand) · J-F. Mattéi (Marseille) · J-L. Ménardo (Montpellier) · C. Moriette (Paris)
M-C. Mouren-Siméoni (Paris) · I. Pin (Grenoble) · C. Regnier (Toulouse) · P. Scheinmann (Paris) · G. Tournier (Paris)


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