June 2-5, 1994

Acropolis Convention Center, Nice, France.

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The 1st International Congress on Pediatric Pulmonology will be held in Nice, France, June 2-5, 1994.

This ambitious event will offer a unique opportunity for specialists interested in children respiratory tract disorders to meet.

Prestigious speakers have agreed to review the lastest progresses related to the comprehension and management of asthma, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis and lower respiratory tract infections, favoured topics of the meeting.

All interested specialists are also warmly invited to present their data on all the aspects of pediatric pulmonology in workshops, as well as poster and slide presentations.

The Organizing Committee would like to offer you a stade of the art scientific program, on the famous French Riviera.

The success of this initiative depends on your involvement.

We trust many of you will come and join us to assert the Pediatric Pulmonology specificity and excellence.


Alain GRIMFELD, M D., Ph.D.
President of the Congress

Jean-Paul PRAUD, M.D., Ph. D.
Member of the Organizing Committee

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Alain Grimfeld (Paris, France)


Grimfeld A. (Paris, France), Dutau G. (Toulouse, France)
Praud JP (Sherbrooke, Québec), Scheinmann P. (Paris, France)


France: Bellon G., Labbé A., Ménardo JL., Navarro J. - Algeria: Khiati M. - Argentina: Traversaro S.
Australia: Landau LI., Woolcock AJ. - Austria: Götz M., Zarkovic J., Schmidtzberger R.
Belgium: Sacré JP., Dab I., Bodart E. - Brazil: Naspitz CK., Tironi M. - Canada: Praud JP., Levison H.
Chile: Mallol J. - Colombia: Jimenez CA. - Denmark: Hoiby N., Bisgaard H. - Finland: Korppi M., Turpeinen M.
Germany: Debelic M., Lindemann H. - Israël: Godfrey S., Levy M., Springer C. - Italia: Boner A., Mastella G.
Japan: Ogawa Y., Yoshida Y. - Morocco: Abid A. - New Zealand: Beasley R., Mitchell E.
Norway: Carlsen KH., Saugstad OD. - Panama: Couckier G.
Portugal: Costa Trindade J., César Ramos J., Marques Pinto L. - Russia: Shepelev A., Gelenina L., Kapranov N.
Spain: Botey J., Elseverri JL. - Sweden: Wennergren G., Venge P.
Switzerland: Kraemer R., Reinhardt M., Barazzone C. - Tunisia: Bennaceur B.
United Kingdom: Barnes P., Milner AD. - United States of America: Cropp G., Bellanti J., Brody J.

Welcoming , Medical Program , Paramedical Program

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